2 for 2 Boobs 4th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Work Shop

My name is Tallulah Anderson and I am a 2X Breast Cancer Suvivor!I I created 2for2 Boobs as an organization dedicated towards providing education, information, resources and advocacy for Breast Health and Breast Cancer prevention while advocating for survivors and those who have been touched in some way by Breast Cancer.  2for2 boobs provides 2 minute timers to encourage monthly breast exam checks along with information on how to do a breast exam.  The goal is to educate the all especially the African American community & under-served on breast cancer prevention and the importance of breast exams.Early prevention is key and looking for signs and symptoms can save lives!!  Find out more at: : 2for2Boobs website: http://tallulahand.wix.com/2for2boobs

Thanks to sponsors like GNatural for supporting our events such as our annual Line Dance for a Cause we are able to raise funds for 242Boobs!


 “This is a GREAT product line if you’re new to natural haircare- I had lost all my hair to chemo from Breast Cancer last year.  I had used G-Natural products before but on my permed and color treated hair and had great results After my Chemo treatments I started using G-Natural products on my scalp and then slowly growing back hair..  Because of my new hair growth and its new condition (soft, weak and fine) I wanted to use a product that I could trust.   I am really enjoying using the GNatural loc system which has made my hair not only grow but strengthened it as well.  The  butter has been extremely nourishing , rich and moisturizing  so that my natural curls last longer—Thank you GNatural” Tallulah Anderson


The Ingredients That Help My Curls Behave


A fatty alcohol is defined as being derived from natural sources and often used as an emollient in skin and hair care products. It gives a smooth, soft feeling to the hair shaft by helping the cuticle to lie flat on the surface of the hair. Some fatty alcohols include lauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol.

There’s one in particular that I have coveted throughout my journey since transitioning and big chopping my hair off some years ago to transform my hair health. Cetearyl alcohol has helped my curls behave, lay down flat, and stay defined in even the most humid climates.

Why are fatty alcohols good for naturally curly hair?

According to curly hair polymer scientist and cosmetic chemist Tonya McKay, these alcohols:

  • are typically naturally derived
  • have a higher carbon content, which makes them great emollients
  • give coarse, thick textured hair a smooth, soft feeling
  • flatten the hair shaft cuticle to lay down

My cetearyl alcohol favorites

This magical ingredient can be found in the top 5 ingredient list of some of my favorite curly hair products.


How I avoid the greasy look

  • never apply directly at the roots–start an inch away and work my way down
  • apply per section to 4 large sections of my hair
  • wrap a palmful of product around each section for even–but light–distribution
  • lightly spritz a curl refresher over my halo and fluff with my fingers to enhance the volume

I have a full head of high porosity hair that grasps any bit of moisture in the air, so I can appreciate a rare occasion when a product allows my curls to “lay down” for the day. However, note that if too much of it is used, the hair can start to look greasy and feel weighed down.

To counter the overly greasy look, though, I make sure to only apply once after co-washing and never directly at the roots. I take one section at a time with a thin layer in my palm and wrap my hand around that section down to the ends.

If the product has left me without any shape or volume whatsoever, I will grab a curl refresher, lightly spritz the crown of my head, and fluff my roots with the pads of my fingers.

What ingredient makes your curls behave? Let me know!