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G’Natural Herbal Products President and CEO, Roger Gore founded the company in 1996 with a $200 investment. Roger was inspired to start G’Natural Herbal Products when he noticed that his own hair was thinning and developing a receding hairline; he tried many products on the market with little or no success.

So, with his 15 years of cosmetology experience, Roger was determined to find the right hair product that will add moisture, stimulation, and circulation to his scalp, while also promoting hair growth.

His efforts led him to start experimenting with different herbal ingredients and essential oils in his kitchen. The result of his continuous labor led to the creation of his first product: G’Natural hair and scalp conditioner.

And in 2009, G’Natural expanded its products line to include the full natural hair and skin system:  Oh So Clean Shampoo, Mint Fortress Conditioner, Hair and Body Oil, Body and Hair Butter, and Get-It-G Razor Relief.

If you are a first time visitor to our website, we thank you for coming to find out more about our natural hair and skin products. And to our returning visitors, we thank you for continuing to go natural with G’Natural quality products.

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