For Kinky, Coily, Straight and Curly Hair Types

gnatural products is a line of premium natural hair and skin care products designed for people of color. Our products cover the hair and skin need of the entire family. We have created the L.O.C. Moisture Product System. (L) Liquid, (O) Oil and (C) Creme to focus on adding moisture to your hair. Our system is designed for natural or relax hair.

Our motto is “ Maintenance, repair and adding moisture to your hair. Nobody does it better. Nobody! gnatural products. Order your L.O.C. Moisture System Today!

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How To Apply the L.O.C. Moisture System

The gnatural L.O.C Moisture system (L) Liquid, (O) Oil and (C) Creme is so easy to add to your daily routine. The process following the previous process to add unmatched moisture to your hair and scalp.This system focuses on adding moisture to the hair to help in adding hair moisture or aiding in the transition from chemicals treated hair to 100 percent natural.  If you would like to start using the L.O.C. system then simply follow these easy steps below.

Step One (L) Liquid :

L stands for leave-in or liquid, as both are used by conditioners to provide the moisture that will be sealed in. We recommend applying our Mint Fortress first then rinse after adding either our All Day Leave In Conditioner or one of our Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner Sprays to moisturizing to cleansed hair (recommend our Oh So Clean Shampoo).  Many women also use water in a spray bottle for this step before adding the conditioners.

Step Two (O) Oil

Next, apply a thin layer of (O) oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture. The gnatural™ Hair Growth Oil, Hair and Body Oil or even the Hair and Body Butter is great to use in step two. It just depends on the porosity of your hair.

Step Three (C) Creme

The final step is to apply the creme. Our Honey Glaze Hair Pudding will moisterize your hair to seal that moisture in. The Honey Glaze Hair Pudding cream can also provide your curls with definition and hold. You can also use our Hair and Scalp Conditioner to add extra moisture if your hair is extremely dry.

Chemically Treated Hair

For women with relaxers we recommend (L) (O) then (C) use the hair and scalp conditioner not the honey glaze hair pudding.  


Liquid – first use the Mint Fortress Conditioner then rinse. Next add the All Day Leave In conditioner then rinse.

Oil – while your hair is wet add the Hair Growth Oil to your hair then blow dry

Creme – while your hair is finished drying add the Hair and Scalp Conditioner and curl or flat iron.