gnatural Herbal Products President and CEO, Roger Gore founded the company in 1996 with a $200 investment. Roger was inspired to start gnatural Herbal Products when he noticed that his own hair was thinning, balding and developing a receding hairline; he tried many products on the market with little or no success. So, with his 15 years of cosmetology experience and a vision or voice he heard in his head pushing him to create his own cure, Roger was determined to create the right hair product by using natural herbal ingredients that will add moisture, stimulation, and circulation to his scalp, while also promoting hair growth.

He used his knowledge of herbal extracts Tocopheryl, Calendula, Rosemary, Comfrey, Aloe, Matricaria, Sage their ancient healing power and started experimenting with different herbal ingredients and essential oils like jojoba, olive, sunflower, safflower, lavender in his kitchen. The result of his continuous labor led to the creation of his first product: The hair and scalp conditioner and then the hair growth oil was created in 1997. He used his new creation himself for a year with much success. Everyone noticed the difference in his hair and how healthy it looked. He started to notice that his hairline was returning. Roger then shared the products with family and friends. Roger’s mother Evangelist Lillian Gore started sending him to church members and neighbors to share the newly created hair and scalp. Word of mouth spread quickly of the results of natural hair growth in using Roger’s newly created hair and scalp conditioner. Roger was ready to give his brand a name. It took him a while to think of a name for his new company but he knew it had to contain the word natural. Roger comes from a deep spiritual background his late Mother Lillian Gore was an Evangelist she shared with him always put God first in all you do. So Roger thought God Natural then shortened it to gnatural. So the G’ in gnatural stands for God’. The brand gnatural was born. His mother was pleased with the name and she said ‘now you have the healing power of God in every product. In 2000, gnatural expanded its products line to include the full natural hair and skin system:  Oh So Clean Shampoo, Mint Fortress Conditioner,  Leave In Conditioners, Body and Hair Butter, Hair Puddings and the famous Get-It-G Razor Relief.

Roger insist on using 10 percent of the sales to reinvest back into his community through churches, nonprofit organization’s, nursing homes, seniors & elderly homes, African villages and county schools. It started out a gesture of gratitude and his religious beliefs. Now Roger formed gnatural Gives to represent his philosophy of giving back. gnatural does little or no advertisement majority of the sales come from word of mouth or someone has tried a sample of the products. Roger thanks his late mother for her words of wisdom and he owes the success of the gnatural brand to “if you put God first in all you do the rest will take care of itself!”    

If you are a first time visitor to our website, we thank you for coming to find out more about our natural hair and skin products. And to our returning visitors, we thank you for continuing to go natural with gnatural quality products.